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Brian, a YouTuber who was interested in downloading the movies on YouTube asked this question. It was said that Brian had been trying to get some YouTube movies to download but couldn’t do it for an unknown reason. There are actually several YouTube users that have the exact same problem. They don’t even know that they can save the movies they love to their hard drives.

How can I download YouTube videos? You can. It’s time you learned how to properly bookmark the YouTube movie pages if you have been tired of doing it.

Youtube Movies and Their Work

YouTube uses Flash video to show movies. In fact, this is the primary reason that it’s harder to download films from YouTube. Flash is a major obstacle for publishers to use when distributing movies.

There is still a way to get your favourite movies. Just search in the Temp folder for your Flash movie. The entire Flash movie is downloaded to your desktop when the video plays.

Find someone who can do it for you to save time. KeepVid will help with this. The website locates videos from various websites download mp3.

You can download videos from YouTube using KeepVid 

The URL is located next to each video on the YouTube site. Paste it into KeepVid’s lookup for the Download option. Choose YouTube on the list. Final step: Click on the “Download” button.

KeepVid locates the appropriate download links and gives you detailed instructions for downloading the movies you desire, putting an immediate end to your frustration.

YouTube’s FLV Flash is not instantly playable. So, to be able to watch it you need an additional application. Windows users will be able to download FLV Player. The files will be available on your desktop. Shareware applications like SWF.max can be used to playback movies. They display thumbnails.

You can download movies from YouTube using Firefox

By installing an add-on, Firefox users can now download YouTube videos. Unplug allows you save audio as well as video embedded on a website. When you install the extension on your browser, you simply need to go to Tools > Unplug when you find the webpage where you would like to save the movie.

There are other methods to download movies from YouTube

It is possible to download Youtube movies in other ways. You can install iTube for free on your PC. Choose File in iTube. Then, go to Options. You can then enter the path to the YouTube movie in the Save Movies To field. It is possible to choose whether to convert a file to MPEG so that you can download the movie to an iPod, or simply to MPEG on your personal computer.